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One-way car starter must drive under what conditions

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In the car started before, the natural first start the engine. The car started, the car is completely stationary state from the gradual acceleration. If the drive system (which links the entire vehicle) rigidly contact with the engine, the transmission is in gear a car will suddenly look forward, but it does not start. This is because the car from a standstill to pediment, have a great inertial force, causing the engine drag torque greatly. In this moment of inertial resistance effect, a sharp decline in the blink of time the engine speed to the minimum stable speed (usually 300-500RPM) or less, that is, the engine stalled and can not work, of course, cars can not be started.

After engine start, before the car started, the driver first depresses the pedal way starter, the starter-way separation, the engine and drive train is disengaged, then the transmission is in gear, and then gradually release the starter unidirectional pedal, so that way starter gradually engaged. In the bonding process, the engine torque is increased gradually blocked, it should also gradually depress the accelerator pedal, the gradual increase in the amount of fuel supplied to the engine, the engine's speed is always maintained at a minimum stable speed, and will not turn off. Meanwhile, the way starter engagement tightness increases, the engine torque transmitted to the drive wheels via the transmission line will be gradually increased, to the traction force sufficient to overcome the initial resistance, car starts moving from standstill and gradually accelerate 2, to ensure a smooth way starter at work driveline shift can be divided into: Friction way starter or the use of liquid as the transmission medium (ie hydraulic coupling), or the use of magnetic transmission (ie, single solenoid starter to implement way starter drive must conditions:

(1) engages splines modulus same pressure angle drive gear and armature assembly keyway on the inner mandrel way starter.

(2) outside engaging way starter and diesel flywheel ring gear teeth modulus same pressure angle.

(3) When changing way starter, because no replacement starter armature assembly mandrel and diesel engine flywheel ring gear, so check the tooth inside and outside the pitch circle diameter must be replaced with the same way starter.

Due to the current production of automotive electrical manufacturer specifications starter one-way model is not unified, the replacement way starter, to satisfy the above conditions, only the same manufacturers produce the same type of one-way only interchangeable.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, different manufacturers produced way starter are not interchangeable.