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Use and maintenance of the drive shaft

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To ensure the normal operation of the drive shaft, drive shaft extending its life, in use should be noted:

1. Prohibited the car started with high gear.

2. Meng lift the clutch pedal is strictly prohibited.

3. Non-automotive overloading, speeding.

4. You should always check the shaft working conditions.

5. Should regularly check the drive shaft hanger fastening, whether supporting rubber damaged the connecting shaft parts are Songkuang, drive shaft is deformed.

6. In order to ensure the balancing of the drive shaft, should always pay attention to whether the sealing off balance sheet welding. The new drive shaft assembly is supporting the provision, should pay attention to the new loading telescopic shaft assembly marks, should ensure that the flange fork in a plane. Disassembly during maintenance shaft should be kept constant during the original assembly relationship telescopic shaft and flange assembly marking print, to prepare for re-assembly.

7. Should often universal joint cross bearing lubrication, summer should be injected into the 3rd lithium grease, winter inject the 2nd lithium grease.