Talent Center
     Everyone is a talent, for business people, is the best talent. - Putian of talent.

     The definition of talent, create value for society depends on the size, every one Futenma people should

and can be the talents and create greater value for the community.

      Talent is a dynamic concept, and now the market is very competitive, and today is a talent, not

necessarily tomorrow or talent, Putian people should constantly self-transcendence, and constantly improve

their own quality.

      How to constantly improve their own quality, do people ever? Must have their own ideals, their goals! If

there is no firm goal, to improve their quality, the process will be a loss of self-challenge, shaken. Putian

each person has their own dream, and this dream must create goals and Putian supporting the integration

of the domestic automobile starter carriers combined.

      Loyal, motivated and responsible employees are the greatest wealth Futenma. Unity, integrity and

tolerance, pragmatic and innovative employees is the inherent requirement of sustainable development of

our cause. "Tao Li is not made, the next from Seikei" is a basic requirement Putian human behavior

patterns; "be tolerant to diversity, tolerance is a virtue," is a basic requirement Putian Moral mode; "knowing

too much, the most delicate, like a humble" is the basic Putian man mental model Claim. Honesty, tolerance,

rustic workforce is the cornerstone of our business, it is the largest guarantee of our success.